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Estate planning in today’s world includes wills and powers of attorney, federal estate tax and generation-skipping tax planning; planning for seniors with Medicaid and related concerns; and asset protection planning.  Attorney Matz can assist you through each step of the planning process.

As a consequence of the constantly changing tax laws and the impact of the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax on all estates, Attorney Matz is constantly challenged to maintain a high level of professional competence in the understanding, counseling, drafting and implementation of appropriate strategies to meet both the goals of the client and minimization of tax impact.

The complexities of a trust and estate practice extend beyond Will drafting and the probating of estates.  A lawyer specializing in estate planning is frequently called upon to address various issues relating to real estate, securities, banking, contracts, etc., as these areas impact clients.

Estate Administration

When you accept responsibility for the handling of an estate, the distributing of an inheritance and managing other aspects of an estate or personal affairs, you assume a risk. The assumption of these legal responsibilities in managing an estate creates legal accountability which results in legal and financial consequences.  Attorney Matz can guide you through the process and allocate the accepted responsibilities without fears of making mistakes.  Call Attorney Matz to protect you and provide for the smooth administration of the estate.

William W. Matz Jr., is an Estate Attorney who has planned and administered the estates of families for more than 30 years, and will advise you on:

  • Probate
  • Conservation and protection of assets from 3rd parties
  • Strategies to conserve your assets
  • Creation of Trusts
  • Creation of Wills
  • Death taxes and inheritance taxes
  • Final income tax returns
  • Elder Care Law (Medicare, Medicaid, long-term healthcare)
  • Advise and guide executors and trustees in the administration and distribution of your estate or trust
  • Create Power Of Attorney for a loved one to make health care and/or financial decisions for you in the event you are unable to do so for yourself
  • Create a Living Will
  • If you own a company, advise you, your heirs, your business partners, or your executor on business succession planning and taxes
  • Plan for the care of family members with special needs or disabilities
  • Distribution of assets to your beneficiaries

In complicated estates, Attorney Matz may also help you plan:

  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
  • Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust

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